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Questions and answers

What bots are there for beginners?

Bots that post the just bet, and you do not need additional experience in watch the drop-line or looking for patterns when calculating value bets, but such bots will be limited. I recommend starting with a Fix matches bot that publishes the bet in telegram channel and you just need to place a bet.

What is the cost of bots, development services and what payment methods?

The cost is from 30 euro to 50 euro for 1 product, the exact price is indicated on the page with an overview of the bot / program, there is also a good system of discounts when buying several bots.Discussed individually, setting bots according to your parameters, developing products according to your terms of reference.

Payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex, Privat24, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Bank transfer,PaySend.

How much time need for a bet?

Most of the tools monitor the live of the odds drop, therefore, bets should be made immediately upon a signal. Average time up to 1 minute.

Is there a free trial period and what is the group subscriber limit?

Unfortunately, there is no free period, as it is often neglected, but in the telegram channel "Bots and Bets", i sometimes published bets from different bots/programs.

Due to the dropping of odds and the mass dissemination of information, now all groups are limited, with the exception of bots created for the customer's parameters and bots where users have the opportunity to set their own settings and make decisions on their own. In general, everything that publishes a bet immediately is limited, and where your decision is needed, it is not.