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Betting projects and betting bots

Limited bots and search services: value bets, potentially fixed games, odds drops and abnormally bis bets on the betting exchange. These services help to get profit from betting and make the work of many professional bettors easier.

Development and support of betting projects

Knowledge and resources are enough to create any programs, websites, bots related to odds, statistics and data analysis.

12+ years of experience

More than 12 years of experience in programming, more than 5 years of experience in betting development.

Data stability

All projects work from data API providers, this eliminates possible errors and ensures constant data integrity.

Information privacy

Business ethics, as well as reputation is very important, so your ideas will not be publicly available.


If you have interesting ideas, profitable strategies or a popular betting/sports resource, please contact me,we can discuss various options for cooperation, from writing bots for these strategies and automating many processes, to promoting various betting products..