Sports betting bots and software

I am the development and support of betting products - bots, programs and other software related to statistics, odds and data analysis.

Some free and paid projects tracks odds and bets on the world largest betting exchange BetFair. With this tool, you can find potentially fix games, value bets or 50% surebets. On the game page, the most important and significant parameters for the analysis of games with the history of the entire line and the sum of the markets (live and prematch).

Below is an example of settings in the video and a brief overview of the product. In order to get the maximum profit, it is advisable to use this tool in tandem with a bot for finding fix games (VIP channel. paid version), so you will focus only on the most concentrated games. Also, you can see examples of the bets found on my free channel: One, Two, Three, Four, Five .... - The system track the extended bet365 line for the second and lower leagues, cups, and in case of an abnormal deviation of the total, handicap or drop odds, it sends a signal to the telegram channel (pay option).

Key features - the system works with any score, is integrated with the betting exchange, supports more than 1000 leagues, the new algorithm is implemented with multithreading data, and soon there will be individual settings for users with sending to a personal telegram channel (paid option). More information at the site and in this post.

The flagship of the bot line. It pins bet365 and when their security service marks the game as potentially fixed, the bot sends a signal to the telegram channel. The bot works only with the first half. Access to the bot only by subscription (paid).

Objectively, it is difficult to assess its value, subjectively you can watch my stats (ROI 37% and more than 100 units profit). I publish all bets in a closed channel to which the bot is connected. Some subscribers surpass me, showing statistics of over 50% ROI on the last 200 bids, and newbies using this product, as a rule, get income at the level of 10-15% ROI, which is also a good indicator.

You can read instructions for its use, also see examples on one from my old closed channels, also below is a small video on found games with a past line of local bookies:

Questions and answers

Livecapper - sends drops of odds and totals, without marking potentially fix games. In general, the drop in the odds can be associated with the squad, statistics and other factors.

Fix Game Search Bot - only sends matches that bet365 has flagged as Potentially Dangerous, Possibly FiX. In other words, “Bot for searching for Fix games” - filters games and sends possible fixed. This bot, of course, is paid.

Yes, bots work 24/7. I usually comment on signals from 10-00 to 21-00 Moscow time.

The bot sends a signal for a potentially fix game according to bet65, with links to bet365, the odds line and the betting exchange (red arrow). Based on this, you can immediately determine the type of bets and place a bet in the local bookmaker. Instructions attached.

Also, when I am online and see a good bet, I write the bets and comment on it (blue arrow).

Since 2019, absolutely every month has been profitable, the profit ranged from 6 to 27 units. Since 2020, I've started to introduce detailed statistics on my bets and recommendations. Over the past year, the profitability was over 100 units, the ROI was over 37%, and the winrate was at the level of 70%, every month was a victory for the players, not the bookmaker.

Stats / Sample Channel / Old big channel

Any regional bookmakers (these are your local bookmakers). Also, sometimes such games are given by European large bookmakers, such as Unibet, William Hill, Betfair (bookmaker), Vbet and others.

On average, 25-30 bets per month.

At the moment, the cost is € 50 for 1 month

Payment systems - Qiwi, Yandex, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Privat24, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT.